65 Million Years Ago

The dream must be paranoid. They are hnted by a predator twenty times their size, through the underbrush. Dinosaur vs. Early Mammal. Steal their egg yolk, feed your babies while running away with them. From Egg to Milk.

Digression. Dreamscene switch. They are sitting on a cliff, overlooking a chasm in the Earth itself swallowing the dragons. Sky turns dark, it gets cold.

Iceage, same spot. The ghost of an undead dragon escapes from the valley, laughing ghoulishly or something.

Wake up in the airplane, she slept on Daniels shoulder. The dream is still lingering in Helens thoughts as they step out on the runway. The gangway is broken, stairs to a bus. The smell of kerosene is lingering in the air. Ancient Dragonblood.

Daniels PoV. Dark clouds, low hanging sun shinging through. Helen walking in front of him. He had been awake the entire flight, trying to get his thoughts together.She is shaking her head. Just another airport. No dragons in sight. The shining rainbow in the puddle is just that - kerosene. She sees the dragon ghost in the reflection of kerosene in a puddle. "Ui Daniel! There!" points at that kerosibe puddle "Doesn't that look like a ghostly dragon?"

1 Paragraph Daniels PoV. He had seen a tweet along those lines just when he got off that airplane

He shows this tweet to Helen:

"But if we get some stupid mammals to burn all the organic carbon we hid in our graves, the planet might come back to a state that supports giant ectotherm lizards... We will evolve again and rise from the grave! " - cf. @KarlHeinzHasliP

- all pictures cf NASA#climatecrisis pic.twitter.com/Uk7S5tstgY

— Gerald Kutney (@GeraldKutney) July 13, 2019

They arrive in a hotel room, Finally, shower, fresh towels, Daniels big day tomorrow. He falls asleep holding her tight. She wide awake, and so is Jacky.

One Para from Jackies PoV.

Helen opens her Laptop.