Border Patrol

Myma - She got the name when she arrived at the hotel in Pogcham. Short for "the new girl from Myanmar." She didn't speak a word of Thai, but learned the trade quickly. The othre workers at the Moonlight Hotel were great teachers.

Tonight is the last party of the season. From tomorrow, it's all rain and only the occasional local guy. Life is about to slow down. It's free drinks for the girls all night long at the Moonlight Bar.

But tonight she Myma is not quite in the mood to party. She is sitting with Majj-Ke in a dark corner, sipping late night coffee:

Majj-Ke had shared her location in Thailand on facebook after she barely escaped the the Burmese State soldiers. Myna didn't know her, but found the profile and just showed upone day. Since, the two grew to be best friends:"I promise, we stay in touch sister. I keep you in my heart forever, and when I get the passport, I divoce and marry you."

Myma is laughing - despite the pain. Getting the passport, that will take years. She can hardly even think a few weeks into the future, and Majj-Ke will not be with her! She puts her arms around her friend and just hugs her for a very long time.

The taxi arrives, and Majj-Ke is heading off for Bangkok airport.

So, free drinks tonight, right? What the fuck - Myma decides it's time to get wasted.

Three hours laters: Message from Majj-Ke: Liftoff in 10 minutes. Have to go to flight mode now. I love you!
Myma: (String of emojis full of alcohol, party and hearts)
#Anon's speedboat is anchored in the bay, just a few hundret meters out. Business has slowed down, just chillin. He was thinking to head back to the US for a while & is looking to buy a girl for the ride. Pogcham is just the place for it, he bought his last girlfriend here, too. It didn't work out in the end, but was a good ride and it's time for a fresh start. And a different race would be neat, but all the girls you can buy around here are Asian. He sighs.

That one looks a bit different than the other girls. Must be some minority. Neat tits, anyway. He does that thing were you show her some attention, then go talk to all others, ignore her, and eventuall come back at her hard. He goes all-in - only the best pickup artists have the nerves to pull that one off with enough conviction.

Myma is thinking about her family - again. Everybody is dead. Her whole village massacred. She had been out early that day to go fishing and only returned when everything was over. Uncle Ma was still alive when she found him and told her to run for her life. She was on her own then. And she is on her own now, again. And she is about to pass out, she stopped counting the Mojitos long ago, when some rando she's never seen before puts his hand on her shoulder and his face in hers.

"Hey baby, you wanna go to America tonight?" Anon looks at her face and scans her body. Yeah, that is a 9 at least. She just stares back at him. Oh, she is really drunk. This must be his lucky day. Getting hard already. He casually unfolds the 100 Dollar bill he had in his hand and sticks it into her bra.

Myma's brain is racing. Go to America. America. She saw the place on facebook. Crazy fuckers. But not crazyer than staying here. Why not... She licks her lips and does a sexy look to buy some time. Then he puts out the cash. OK, this guy just makes promises and wants to fuck. Easy - safety protocol is to pretend not to understand English. Just offer to fuck him for money. She manages a smile and lalls "ficky-ficky?", while thinking to herself: "He is dirty. Don't go to his place. Unless you want to go to America. Fuck. Do you want to go to America Myma?" She doesn't know. Now he is taking her down to the beach. Probably just a blowjob. Not going to America.

OMG fucking god, the incels will go mad when he posts about tonight!   

Myna relaxes into the moment. That was a 100 Dollar bill, she hadn't made that much in the whole last month. Easy. It's all easy. She is not going to America, just to the beach. Easy. That's when he lifts her up and puts her on the jetsky. Well, that was unexpected.

He sits down behind her, his arm around her, holding her tight around her belly with the left hand, as he kicks his Jet Sky into gear, a huge smile on his face. This Anon just scored a teenage nine on a beach for 100 bucks and she is coming out to his boat with him!

Anons brings her straight to the bedroom and gets her to strip for him.

It's all routine for Myma from here. She never worked that drunk before, but the guy doesn't last long, anyway.

He cums just seconds after her lips get first started on him. For fucks sake that hurt. He brushes her aside and heads upstairs again. Quick look at under the flashlight confirms: He is sore again. Shit, fuck, why is it always like that... he could... Fuckfuckfuck. He sprays on a disinfectant and gets into fresh underwear before heading off to his computer.

Myma is laying there, eyes closed, and observers her own heart beat. To new beginnings. America. Her head is spinning.

Anon logs into his system.
From @Steve: Hey, want a gig? Drop 12 Missionaries off on some remote island in the gulf for 10 grand. Accept?
Easy money. And it's not much of a detour on his way home, anyway. Pickup in Colcatta, then head towards the Pacific via the nothern Nicobars.
Accept! He starts the Autopilot and gets up right away to pull up the anchors. Then snorts a line from his left-over MDMA and logs in again. Gogogo post about his score tonight! But first edit the clip from his bedroom cams. He can't get enough of the close-up backside cam with the bitch stripping on his bed. Zooms in and does a timelaps of how she pulls down her panties. Yeah, good stuff. He edits the strip into a teaser video for his friends and posts it. Or rather he tries to post it. There is a new face in the vid, so he needs a new account to upload it... And first, he needs an 18+ ID with that face. It takes him a full 10 minutes to find the template on his harddrive... And upload, his new trophy is ready for monetization!

Threee cycles of body scans later, Myma is now focused on her breathing. She should sleep. Or should she? The guy is dangerous, and she is alone on his boat. Big fuckup energy. If only Majj-Ke would have been there to look out for her... Afraid. Majj-Ke. She won't see her text until she lands in Copenhagen, but Myma still writes her. Just as she hits send, the engines start running.

Shit. Myma is really going to America now. On a boat with a weirdo. She gets up, throws her dress over and walks up to the main cabin. He is bent over a computer, the screen showing... her ass in close up, just as she pulls her panties down. Oh. Porn. The other girls had told her about guys like that. Another bad sign. She feels sick to her stomach - and barely makes it to the rail, where she gracefully throws up into the water.

The bitch is feeding the fish. Please, no, she can't get sea-sick. That would be like the worst. He sighs and shows her the bathroom. Bitch gotta clean herself so she is ready for him when he gets horny again. He leaves her there and logs back into 4Chan.onion/chadporn

Myma is back on deck and watches lights on the beach disappear into the dark. She could still jump and swim back. Or go to America. She smiles. America.

------------- Chapter Break ---------------------

Willi is heading to Tonga for the wedding! This will be the last shot in his new documentary, and he is super excited. He hitched a ride with the VJs aboard the Postindustrial Light and Magic.

They'll play at the wedding ceremony. He's meeting them for their last beach show of the season in XXX (Island near Pogcham). Life-Interactive-Improv-Show with motion-controled projections and their fog-maker drones, 3D-Dancing psycho-patterns... (Hacked Kinect one, data is feeding into a multiplyer fractal algo).

Willi spends the night hanging out at the Overpriced Cocktail Bar, enjoying the attention and affections that come with paying for overpriced drinks for the ladies.

Observers the other white guys. You could write a whole PhD thesis on Consent and Empire with whats on display in this bar. Then the show starts and the whole party crowd gathers at the beach. He's never seen them life before...
(Show description in Link?)

Back at the boat, he checks his phone. Message from Helen on the Wedding Travel BBS.

She is in Chennai. Just got a message from Pseudonymous central: border control ops, posted by Christian Far Right Watch. She signs up and starts looking for help.

Ops Briefing (Format ala "Splinter Cell")

Missionaries en route to North Sentinal Island. They will start from Colcatta in 3 days from now. Need to be stopped at all cost, genocidal intentions expected.

Profile of the leader attached.

Willi signs up, with a special effects crew supporting. Good start.

They gather in Calcotta. Inventory of the "What are Civilian Applications?":

10 Portable Projectors (1kg)
5 Nebula sprayers (1 kg)
15 speaker systems (500g)
15 Drohnes with 2kg load capacity
5 Explosive granades (2 kg)
5 Smoke granades (500g)
5 EMP (1kg)

5 Submarine drones
Various submarine drone sea-animal costumes

1 Submarine suite

Main Ship:
3 Cinema-Power Projectors (one on each mast and one in the hull)
1 directional Sound System (on deck)
5 Satellite Uplinks (2 hidden backup)
Batteries for 10 hours non stop show
Emergency Fuel-based generator

Broadcast Room

- "Avatar Dance Game for Kinect"
- Four Occulus Quest (Incl. Drone Controlers)
- Space-Based motion control for all drones (your avatar is a giant ghost in a projected 3D map of the area and you can control the drones by pinching them and pulling them across the 3D Map)
(When in VR, pinching shows up as a vectors, can accept with single click or follow manually)
- Paintbrush Studio for Avatar Design

Ship AI named "What Are The Civilian Applications? (GSV)" controls the projectors so that target audience sees the show in best possible angle. Even if there are multiple moving targets.

Meet Captain, VJ, engineer, four pilots and two dancers.
Helen to act as thrid dancer
Willi to aid captain.

Inventory Helens boat:
Basic bitch quantum computer... connect to GSV...?

Let's scare the wits out of those fucks.

Next Day: Three boats on a map.

Helen: Background check on the Missionaries. (Format: Pseudonymous Doxx Standard)

Willi: Checks out the tech on the Postindustrial Light and Magic.

Anon / Myma: Nothing much happens en route to Colcatta. Anon didn't get horny again and spends most of his time on his computer, shitposting.

Myma is fine - she cooks for the guy and occassionally gives him a back rub while he is at his computer. And occasionally dances for his camera. He didn't even pull out his dick once since that first night, sad little creature. But he showed her his stack of party drugs. And that is a quality selection - Myma had had party pills twice during her time in Pogchamp, but this stuff is way better. If the whole trip to the US continues like this, she made the best choice in her life last night. She relaxing in a deck chair enjoying the evening sun when Majj-Ke finally calls.

The Danish guy started hitting her. With his fist, in her face. She is still bruised and now staying with a sex-worker coop in Copenhagen. At least she met some good people there. One of the girls offered to marry her, so she can stay without that guy. She linked her up with a global sex worker union. Myma logs in and signs up for membership right away.

Industrial Light and Magic to meet Helen, form a 2-boat-fleet.

Pickup Point Anon & Myma meet up with 12 Evangelicals, all 18-20 year old American white boys, with one older leader from Spain.

Goal: Bring Christ to the Nikobar Islands. Last mission failed. Their church set them up.

Follow the boys from (place name from, Farcry 4). for a few paragraphs...

Colcatta: The boys pick up the boxes from a delivery van. Check that out!

(What's the word for the parts that tie the chain to the body?)
Boxes of supplies, ammo, nails, screws, ducktape
Various multi-purpose iron pieces like pipes.
Finally, food. rice and beans, mostly.


quotes to recycle in the text:

See Jesus “worshipped by every tongue, tribe and nation”. “wartime mentality” “make strategic decisions in the battle we’re waging against satan and our very real enemies”.

One of the bootcamp’s exercises, the New York Times reported, involved navigating a mock village peopled by missionaries pretending to be hostile natives, with fake spears. (This time, they trained a few other things, too. How to disassemble, clean and re-assemble an AR15 in less then 3 minutes, for example).

They had arguments - send a few lives to hell, safe all the rest of them and their offspring until judgement day. It's clear as heaven and hell - even if they have to kill half of them in the process, it is the best thing they can do from the deepest love of their hearts for the Sentinelese. Bring them Jesus.

First night one the Jesus Boad:

Glowing plankton in the ocean.

“You guys might think I’m crazy in all this,” he wrote to his family, “but I think it’s worth it to declare Jesus to these people.”

Is this “Satan’s last stronghold”, he asked God – a place “where none have heard or even had a chance to hear your name? but the people of North Sentinel were damned, and he was determined to save them.

Two perspective taking characters:
- Old Spanjard preacher. Check Future Ecologies S1E1 on sources. He plays the boys like an instrument. They will do whatever he wants. The power of sexual guilt is immense. He knows from centauries of experience. He is the only one to talk to Anon.

- Manu Chau - one of the boys. among the boys, he is the top shot. Bully in chief and holiest of them all.

Szenes on their boat?

Myma is alerted when the kids come on board. Security Protocol says gang rape risk. Defensive move: Pick the biggest shot among the guys and hit on him, while asserting dominance. Myma to approaches Chau, flirts and him take a pill with her. Flirts a bit until the MDMA kicks in, but then leaves him to his friends and goes to hide in Anon's bedroom.
Anon is watching on his cameras. He gets the message - the bitch wants to fuck and he his not giving it to her enough. Time for pain killers and viagra. Fueld with envy and anger at the jesus-boys, he gets on with Myma right away. Talks extra loud. Sign-Language to get her make fuck sounds: "Understand, bitch, get loud. Bitch make ahh ahh when I fuck you, got it?"

She is surprised by the sudden energy, but goes along with it. She nods and says "ah, ahhhh" high pitched... Oldest game in town.

He nods and gets on top of her. This should do, the boys can hear who the man is on this boat. Gotta teach them to leave their dirty fingers of his precious bitch. This one is his, and his alone.

Well, at least when AFK. The last edit of her got 15'000 views already, 10x more than the one before that - and more importantly, most of them watched for more than a minute. That's at least 10'000 guy coming on the video he cut.

But it's time to drop a proper fuck video anyway, so he forces himself to perform at least a few position changes, even though in the last round he already gets soft. With some editing, it will do for the video. He finally pulls out to check checks on his sore parts - it's bloody time to stop, no round two for him tonight.    

Chau lying in bed, tripping hard on the MDMA. The holy spirit has come on him, all he can think of now is sex. He can receite the Rosenkranz as many times as he wants, he can't unhear what he heared, unfeel what he felt and unsmell what he smelled. That girl... He just can't stop himself, his hand gliding towards his crotch again. He starts to shiver. Nofab, Onan is a deadly sinner. He must keep his hands to himselves.

But if you close your eyes and think of a girl it doesn't count as gay. So he slips out of his (how do you call the beds in boats in english?) and moves over to the other (bed) in the cabin. He is sleeping. And he must pretend to keep sleeping, so no sin is commited. That's what they agreed on. So he closes is eyes and sees Myma in her bikini in front of him. He is back in bed just a few seconds later. No sin was commited and he can go to sleep now, as so many times before.

But he is lying wide awake. It's not gay. Not when you think of a girl. Right? RIGHT??? Or are you just telling that to yourself?
Jesus knows. So if it was gay after all, I won't escape damnation, ever! Jesus! Forgive me!

Despite the late hour, he must go to confess his sins right now. Pater Spanjard is fortunately still awake and ready to listen, so they set up an impromptu confession chamber on deck.

It all just comes right out of him. Demons hunting him, but he feels like an angel. Temptation is strong. Gets a very sexual biblical narrative going in his head.

The pater smiles to himself. Perfect. These boys are the best material he could wish for for this mission. "Son, no sin was committed. You can go now and rest, for Jesus is our Savior and guide. Amen."

Next day, on the Sunday during Mass: "Remember how we do it. It's easy. We take the children, give them baptism and teach them in the ways of Christ. Once we got the children, the woman come by themselves. Some may be witches and prefer death and eternal hell over Jesus our Lord and Savior, but most will convert. When the men come to us, Satan won't stand a chance. If any survive, we can use them to work the fields for us, so we can feed the children of Jesus Christ.

But what does that holy path to the future mean for us today? Today, we can only prepare. And prepare you will - learn the way of the woman. Preachers may not have a wife - in normal times. But good these women will not be able to find another Christian man to marry. So it is our holy duty to be there for them. So when you feel the desires of flesh urging you - these are not demonic voices, but an angels vision of what is to come. Do not fear them, but give in to the desire, let the desire guide you. Salvation will come on Sentinel Island!

Anon is always watching the mass on his computer. Those guys are fucking weirdos. Fucking Christians. But a deal is a deal, and the Spanjard asked for porn at the end of this mass. So he turns on his on-deck prjector and puts up his raw cut of the Best-of-Myma-Video he was cutting for that xhamster stripper contest.  

He leans back and watches the collective jerk unfolding with a big smile. This will make for a weired fetish cut of the video... Wow, man, 12 guy next to each other, all jerking off to wide-screen Myma with his dig in her mouth, while a spanish priest watches them in full robes... This is some meta-abuse-porn level shit... He wonders if that will get him banned, but quickly disregards the thought. The vid from the assrape last night might, but that one looks so staged, it should be fine with the xhamster mods.

He checks his navigation system. Reaching the drop-off point in 12 hours.

Post-Industrial Light an Magic

Hourly check-up on the bridge:

Time to border: t-11h.
Third Party Troops: Thai and Indian border patrol ships nowhere near. Got instructions from above to be elsewhere, apparently.
Weather: Clear.
Weather expectations: Rainstorm coming in t-9h.

Everybody is busy doing background checks on the targets. Clearly need to play on christian fears, but how exactly? VJ team developing a choreo- and iconography.

Helen traces the outgoing connections. Identifies Anons channel on xhamster. Get in touch with Agent in Pogcham. Figure out who Myma is. Barkeeper at the Moonlight never got hers, but he has Majj-Ke's contact. Establish coms between Helen and Myma.


Showdown (Insert a bunch of "stage magician heist" elements here).

Result: The missionaries dispatch their crates on a float, but are scared back to the boat before they leave themselves. Myma is on the crate-float. Helen to pick her up with her octopus-submarine.

One para perspective from a Sentinel North native, sees lights in the dark from the beach at night. Strange thunderstorm.

Heading for Tonga, wanna join? Sure. Off to the wedding.

Anon to drop them off in Kuala Lumpur. They contest the gig-contract. Anon to contact Reality for conflict resolution. Shows her the video evidence he got. She reads the complaints, evaluates the evidence and rules in favor of Anon.

He heads off to California.

Myma gets to get control over the videos on xhamster, now under her account. Thanks to the union support. It's good income. This new life is neat.

The Hack