Reality - an Introduction

Finally Anon got to arrange the paperworks: In just six weeks more from now on, he will officially Urguy Minao, with an official passport by the Russian Federation. After a visit to the tailor and barber in Chinatown, he is ready to start sourcing. Steve just send through another 3000 rubels to pay the rent. He promised at least 100k if the job goes well.

The next drop point is the same park bench as last time. The USB stick is taped tightly on the bottom. It's a small green stick, and it has another piece of paper tight to it. Instructions. The stick goes in a PC in the gaming place three blocks from here.

He walks there following a random path through the park, as instructed. He's been to the place before. Filthy basement, brimming with vodka drinking man shouting at foreigners on the ladder. And there in the very back, at the one computer hidden from the security camera, a guy with a swastika tatoo on the bold back of his head.

Urguy Minao walks straight up to the guy, stands behind him. Deep breath and says the keyword "Cyborgs and Mutants". The guy stands up, looks at him, nods and replies: "Heil Breshnew", does a Hitler salut, reboots the computer and walks off.

It's booting Arch Linux, and a Tor Browser window pops open on ArtOfTheDeal.onion- "Good to see you made it here my dear friend. First of all, show me that stick?"
Uygur plugs in the USB drive.
"Good, good. I am proud of you youngling. I need you to get all the cocain you can get on the dark net delivered to this Moscow address. Send the payment requests to @BigMoneyBoy when you have a deal."

Easy. Most of the traders are on Evolution Markets right now. He logs in with his primary address "KriegXXX666", ranked 5-star snow runner and starts clicking through his friends list.

>> KriegXXX666: @BigMoneyBoy I scored a deal worth 15 BTC on Evolution Markets (link)
>> BigmoneyBoy: Approved
>> Seriously? 15 BTC? Are you kidding me? I told you to short the fucking Russian cocain market. Get me a deals worth at least 1000 BTC by tonight!

1000 BTC. Shit. That volume way out of his league, despite his 5 star rating - would take a snow king to get that many delivers going.

Uygur needs the Customer Service. He hangs in the waiting line for 10 minutes. He needs to pee, but doesn't dare to stand up from the computer. Around him Dota players drinking vodka and cursing at their foreign teammates.
He can't fuck this up. That Nazbol freak was a warning shot. This is a trial, and he already knows to much. Failure to deliver will cost his life. He also needs to pee badly. Finally his contact request gets through. He checks the agents profile:

Handle: @RealityLost
Age: 26
Alignment: Neutral-Neutral
Profession: Oracle
Business Model: Gig
Platforms: Silk Road, Evolution Markets, Open Baazar, any .onion address, any Monero deals.
Client Profile: Anonymous Service Contracts
Known Affiliations: The Internet 21
Price for first contact: 10 mBTC

>> KriegXXX666: @BigMoneyBoy makler fees. I need a slush fund. Give me 1 BTC.
>> BigmoneyBoy: Approved. The BTC appears in his lightning wallet a few seconds later.

At least he gets the resources he needs. @BigMoneyBoy is not that bad of a boss.
>> KriegXXX666: !NewChannel +@RealityLost

>> Reality Lost: Hi There. Please explain your request to my bunny.

;;;;  /\       />                       ;;;;
;;;   ||^^^^^^^||    Karl-Heinz          ;;;
;;    ===========    Häsliprinz           ;;
;     | O     O |                          ;
;     \    \/   /   Fully Automated        ;
;    _\________/    Cyber Helpdesk         ;
;   /          \    Serving Reality        ;
; 0/____________\===>                      ;
;  |================>    hello world       ;

Reality is not quite happy with the logo. Gotta work on her ACII Art. She looks down at the bunny prince, smiling. If this little creature knew that it served as random noise generator feeding her chat-bot reinforcement algorithm...

Indeed, I knew nothing of such sort. Munch, munch. She just gave me carrots again. Life is good.

What is this shit! Uygur murmurs "kurva" to himself as he types
>> KriegXXX666: I need a very large amount of cocaine! +SalesRequest -type:Cocain -amount:10e+8g  

Reality yawns. Standard. Karl-Heinz should easily hadle that one all by himself. She gives him some more food.

Celery. This is so YUMMY! And as I make a little hop of happyness, I stumble over my own tail, land on my ass and burb.

>> Karl-HeinzH: Why don't you try @FasterThanLight
;;;;                  ___               ;;;;
;;;  Run, Run, Run   / O ææ              ;;;
;;                     ææ                 ;;
;    @FasterThanLight  ææ Delivery         ;
;             _____    aa    Import        ;
;         >  /     -------- \  Export      ;
;          \/                \   All Goods ;
;           >>>               \            ;
;                            >>>>>         ;

Reality smirks at the 5 sigma pick! @FastThanLight is based in Central African Repbulic - not the most straight forward pick, but in the current short market a clever bet. Karl-Heinz on celery. She quickly makes a note to herself: Hypothesis: "Celery -> high sigma" confirmed.

Well, if a bunny gotta burb, that Russian punk will order his coke straight from the Desert Runner carthel delivery boys! Let's see if Karl-Heinz is up to his job... The logistics might get complicated on this one.

>> KriegXXX666: @FasterThanLight I need to exchange 1000 BTC for high grade cocaine, delivered to South East Moscow. How much can you deliver?

>> @FasterThanLight Can confirm availability.
They attach a quality confirmation from @Sinalco and @Biocert - certified organic cocaine is the latest hit in the UK, and apparently that's what he will get for his new boss. The price is good, just 3 BTC per bag, all with original Sinalco seals.

Delivery time t-12 hours from now.

>> KriegXXX666: @Karl-HeinzH I offer 500mBTC for conflict resolution and escrow support. @FasterThanLight Do you match?  
That's what his dad told him. Always get a neutral third party involved when you make a large deal. Reality will be his notary.

This automated conflict resolution thing could turn out a quite lucrative feature for Reality... She gently pets Karl-Heinz on the belly button as @FasterThanLight confirms. Given the reputation of the delivery service, chances are she doesn't need to do shit and gets to keep a whole BTC. But then, this is her highest reputation account and she wouldn't want to risk it, so she calls a friend in Souther Moscow. The least she can do is monitor the dropoff point. Confirmation of delivery should be sufficient - the @FasterThanLight crew wouldn't tamper with the sealed bags - else they'd get in trouble with @Sinalco, and noone in the entire market would want to afford that.

The Hack