The Hack

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Character Intro Reality here, with link to character-sheet!

The Hack

Reality to St. Jude: You around Kinda need your help with a little gig... Reality is waiting for her reply. They ran the hack together. She is playing SC2 against her self on two computers to pass the time. Archon mode with a deepmind, trying to get games casted at ICYFAR. Best training for bi-modal APM there is in the world. Finally, St. Jude reponds to her message.

Their message exchange on some dark net forum? Search for one and post link & screenshot here. .onion preferably.

St. Jude to Reality: "I'm dead. But maybe @Jacky can help you. What's up?" Hellen absentmindedly strokes Jackies furr as she writes the lines. She was planning to retire her St. Jude pseudonym for a while now and is no longer accepting gigs on it. Jacky is the future.

Reality: Didn't you mention a loophole in the Telegram e2e implementation a while ago?

Jacky: Yeah, I think there is one. Got read access under lab conditions via a neat man-in-the-middle-variation.

Jacky PoV as OS in pseudocode.

Reality: Wanna go for a field trial?

Jacky: Whois target?

Reality: "Karl Heinz found the lead only a few weeks ago - Just one of the usual Soros funded gigs, but pretty big volume (5000 BTC). Dragon Necormancers summoning a Zombie Hitler."  The message comes with a picture of a glowing orb in an empty hall somewhere in Saudi Arabia with a Swastika flag in the background, waiting. PGP Signature and name here  (cleaning pesonal) Antifa sidecharacter

Karl-Heinz PoV in pseudocode, 1st-person.

Telegram e2e exploit

Jacky: OK, I'm in. Share the IPFS link to the repro. Keep using PGP and TOR.

Helen is in their Hotel room in Paris, Daniel fast asleep. Quick scan over the data. Reality was being Sirius. Leaked audio of a bunch of large fossil fuel investors are debating how they can hold on to power, and it sounds fucking scary. Prepping for a closeted Nazi rapist oil baron to run for US president. She spends the rest of the night following leads, finally gets all the data she needs to entirely obliterate that oil-thug. Jacky to Earth: "That shit is for real. A full-on fascist! And he had real chances to get elected US president. We should have enough info on him out in the public domain now to break his neck before the race even starts. Aaaand released. We got footage of him raping a twelve year old in some freakish scientology temple on some billionares private Island. Jucy Stuff. (Wikileaks, Icij, 4Chan link to IPFS)."