NotAPrince Intro Chapter

The desert
No end
They finally lost Obagaduaagaoaogas tracks
he saw them kill his entire family
the village
the animals
And now, he will also die. Alone in the desert. Night is setting in, and there is nothing but sand, from horizon to... Wait. There is something moving in the dark, on the slope of that dune over there.
Obagaduaagaoaogas (Nigerian Name) is driven by pure survival instinct now, as he is struggeling not to lose the direction. It is pitch dark, a mist unsusual for this time of the year is blocking the starlight. He falls several times
Smells it.
Death. Rotting flesh.
Camp - Dead Elefant. It is too old - can't touch it. His last hope for food and water brings nothing but death. Full Moon rises over the dunes behind him he spots her.

Peaches family had been lost since she was born. None of the old water holes was in the right place. Her grandma passed away just a months ago, when the poachers attacked their family. Her mom was no better at leading the two of them, last survivors of her family line. They reached the most reliable water place their ancestors stories mentioned, but all there was is a human settlement. No water. Mom just lay down and stopped breathing. Peaches had been lying here, next to her mothers carcass, waiting to die herself. Her great journey is over when she barely is old enough to understand.

A child. Alive. Obagaduaagaoaogas walks up to her. Touches her forhead, feels the pulse. The elephant doesn't move. He swallows. His grandma wouldn't have hesitated. Grandma. She told him to run when the jeeps came down the village road. Those few minutes headstart saved his life. There it is again, flashing in his inner eye: The burning house, the house he grew up in, and his grandmas last scream. Boko Haram knows no mercy.
He turned his back and ran. Ran for the entire day through the desert.
And now here he stands, thinking of his grandma again. She never quite accustomed to the settler livestyle and would still cut their cows arteries and drink their blood every now and then. He tried once. Disgusting, but... it keeps you alive.

Peaches opens her eyes. The human is right there, staring at her. He smells like fear.   

Peaches smelled the human approaching from far away. So

And there right next to the carcass, an infant. Alive. Fresh.

It struggles to get to its feed and runs towards him. Hugs him with his trunk.
Obagaduaagaoaoga is crying. He cannot do it. He will not kill this elefant baby, even if his life depends on it.

Finds Tablet.

Chat with Reality. She doesn't understand, posts .wav in a language forum "what the fuck is this shit?" - Someone tells her about indigenious language northern nigeria, call for help.

Bahi connect

Helen connect

They discuss. Decide to go for rescue mission - un-identity network will do better than the old world. We help each other, even though there are millions of people in need - but this came through on our channel, on our terms... this is our future.

Meet him just 24 hours later. Not-A-Prince is now part of pseudonymous.

Journey towards Crete:

<<< map leaving in Ceuta>>>

 Next Scene with Not-A-Prince: CHAPTER ON fully automated Ghost-Ships for Seenotrettung.

Szimo und Tiia follow not-a-prince on community memory, argueing if he is a prank or a real account. Check confirmations. St. Jude is a heavy weight, and so is the Casablanca based 3D-Printing Person...

<<< Map, first encounter>>>

First pushback by Frontex.

<<< Out towards south-east>>>

Lybian coast guard sinks their boat.

<<< Drifting for a bit>>>

Ghost-Boats: If you carry a talisman on your journey accross the mediteranian, chances are a ghost boat will follow you. If your talisman stays submerged in water for long, the ghost boat will come closers. If there is one following you already.

They drift across the sea, aimlessly, with no human on board. Fully automatic. Dropoff on inofficial harbors, trying to create a flat and unpredictable pattern.

<<< Monkey-Island Style Labyrinth travel route to North-East, stop in Malta>>>

Not-A-Prince PoV (Refuelling - he does supply chain management for water, food, First-Aid kits and blankets on ghost boats.)

<<< Alarm, out on sea again, another rescure>>>

Defense-Situation (Italien patrol boat - they shout at them to turn around, they can't. Posture, threaten etc. PoV Ghostboat: Update landing map beacon - warning with patrol boat sign.

<<< Map Monkey Island Style Path to Crete >>> goto The Old Gods and The New