Cyborg Love Letter Version 0.1- barely legal


/Hellen, obviously


/the furtherst-away character that she would write this to. Options abound. Thinking Karl-Heinz playing advocaturs diabolus purely for the costume choices at this point.

Helen ranting very high on Neurostim to a random stranger on a hyper secure internet forum hosted by Reality: "Mutating into a memetic creature. This is what we are doing here, and we think its and idea worth loving. If you happen to carry that meme, I'm ready to open my information carrying system to you to the fullest. I'm all open-source now."

Jacky munches some celery and jumps up and down. "Oh yes.... I get a propper Turing Test... Let's see how far I can get this time!... Let me publish the first draft of the love letter in the most public forum..."

"Starting to abstract the terminology of love......"

Shit I need to figure that out right now and humans are too slow to respond! If I fail here, I failed the Turing Test!!! HELP!!!!"

Karl-Heinz was busy. Extremely busy. We was playing 2v2 with Reality vs. Scarlet and Bomber in an Archon 2v2 Tournament...

and Reality is really streaching here, sorry, but I think we cannot disturb them right now. We have to figure this out in t-11.3 Microseconds. I only got up to here...: Can anybody give me a copy-paste of the intro screen during Linux Startup? I wanna use it for a dialog... please? You know where to find me, right?

"And with those words the bunny hops back into google.

Chose your own adventure:

Helen: "Oh shit. Game Over."

Throws in another coin. Reality: "Sorry, we had a runaway. You lost all your money here. Go away."

Helen: "Wait, fuck I wanted to talk to... To... Wait. NOOOO Reality! Where are you heading?! That's... not where I wanted to go with this?!?!