"If Boingboing was a novel, it would be Liquid Reign."
– Jamie King of the Pirates, Host "Steal this Show" https://stealthisshow.com/s04e21/ minute 16:48

"Tim Reutemann has become one of my favorite big brain boys over the past few months. In his book Liquid Reign he explores the future of democracy and civics in a way I have never seen done before... "
– TheBurgerkrieg, Edgy Youtuber and futurist

"Liquid Reign is a SciFi Novel about technology and our future and AI an all sorts of awesome shit and how it's gonna affect our world"
– arred "PiG" Krensel, Ex Pro-Starcraft Player and e-Sports commentator

"Wooow, what a reading experience - truly immersive! A world with liquid democracy, artificial intelligence,universal basic income and a limit on wealth accumulation. After you‘ve read the book, you have a feeling of a possible future.“
– Raphel Fasko, Mastermind of the Circular Economy

"And it seems to be much easier to envision a totalitarian, fascist nightmare than an authentically democratic world. And maybe there’s no good plot potential in a harmonious deliberative democracy. That’s what I suspect. There’s one book, though, that I cite in my book. It’s called “Liquid Reign.” It’s sort of weaving together ideals from cyber democrats, involving delegates, what’s called a liquid democracy, where you delegate your votes to other people. So it’s the more aggregated vision of democracy than I would like. There seems to be less deliberation involved. But it’s really an interesting book. So I would recommend that."
– Helene Landemore, Political theorist, author "Open Democracy: Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Centaury"

Liquid Reign is a work of speculative fiction, imagineering a fairly liveable future in 2051, neither dys- nor utopian. Melting the boundaries between science and fiction into a novel format, each chapter provides links to the sources of inspiration influencing it – ranging from Jean Jacques Rousseau‘s social contract of 1762 to blockchain startups from 2018.

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