A democracy voting for one out of sixty-four candidates every four years has a bandwidth of 1.5 bits / year and a ping of 4 years. 

Current online games use a bandwidth of 10 MB/sec and a ping below 100 ms. What if we used gaming tech for politics?

Version 1.01 is out now!

Update log: "About the Author" added, added a new source of inspiration on plants as oracles, and fixed 5 more spellos.

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Free Excerpts

This chapters gives a basic intro to the voting system in Liquid Reign, by Szimo the Master of Frogs.

This chapter justifies the most radical economic premise of Liquid Reign - an upper limit to private wealth, somewhere in the tens of millions of USD per capita.

In this chapter, Daniel is trying to get access to a decentral spy organisation by playing Galaxycraft, the worlds top e-sports game.

Willi shows Daniel a short movie on the history of the end of intellectual property rights

Daniel and Harry at the airport. My personal favorite gonzo chapter, with a little call to action embedded.

Daneil explains Ana the Role Playing Fallacy - The mistake by designers of digital systems who copy features from a paper-based structure.

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