Hellen moves into her own appartment in Paris. Can't life in hotels for too long, too much effort to check for evil maid after every time you leave the house.

Tiny under the roof apartment, good access to central paris rooftops through the windows. Describe location. There are some over-roof connections to other blocks.

Its a good place.

Just that her neighbour seems to have a thing for listening death metal while playing shooters...

Invite him over to play Wolfenstein with her on her new PS4 (he only got a PS3...)

Casually drop something about Nazis on the rise again. He doesn't like Le Pen. And really enjoys Helen. Give him a ticket to IEM Leibzig. Day trip to Buchenwald.

Talk about how fascism works, get him into an Antifa group.

Whiteness Gamergater attack on a woman game designer. Helen volunteers for crash override and helps the victim to defend. Then shows Joe what happened, and the evidence of manipulation by actual Nazis... As I told you, it's easy to get teenagers to do what you want for an adult.

Fuck that. I'm not a defence player. I mean, you go up against Joe, you got Zerglings in your base! Woke. Double-Redpilled. He does some fun minor attacks on the attackers - found the home address, ordered lolicon porn (but made sure their mother would find it).

Not satisfied. What else can we do? I mean, maybe catfish those assholes?

Helen: Catfishing is for beginners. Send him a link to an article she just wrote about Doxfishing (WIRTE THAT ARTICLE). Doxfishing is like catfishing, but targeting hate instead of love. You create a fake persona (and a social network around that persona) and interact with your target audience (one or many), but with the explicit goal to make them as angry as you can. As in Aikido, you then use their attacking energy against them.

Joe is fired up. Set's up thousands of Twitter, Youtube, 4Chan, 8Chan and Discord accounts. Asks Helen for help on the persona. Bot creation - primitive way ends up with "Markus909382972". We can do better. Get a rainbow table of names, use an old phonebook... variations of Firstname-Lastname and a few common multiplicators like Markus1996, MarkusK. SuperMarkus, Markus_Brown and tripplets of those like Markus_Brown_1996 are sufficient to name a whole army. creates whole families. Profile pics - flip, run noise generator over it, use "merge face" tools to spawn more variations. The faces look shit, but for the profile pix you can downscale to 400x400 so its fine...

take 3 months to set up. Crowd source meme designers. Joe does that. Freelance platform. Pay in hipster cryptocurrency of the day, using a community forum vote to split the cashprices among the memers. Xbt freelancer.

Proxies. VPNs. Make sure you can still login to social media. Need a bunch of burner phones Twillio Need SMS Numbers. SIM Cards, buy them online. USB Modems. SMS server tool... Also email. Greasemonkey. Selenium. addresses. MonsterSocial (bot management platform)

need more than 1 pic (flipped and unflipped) for account verification.

Cover the whole spectrum of personalities you are targeting...use your own archetypes, OCEAN is shit. Do some split-testing with a limited sample first. Use IBM Watson to measure the responses.

All-in? Test face-bot for fash hateability by posting screenshots with profile pics in hate-fora. Measure shitstrom-strenghs use it to evolve the most hateable face. Once the storm starts to carry, you run with it.

YES, All-In!!!

OK, so... the First round of Persona.

Should we go all in on the intersectionality or start with only some bits of marginalization? Depends on how many experiments you can conduct. Each persona is a vector in the identity space, the more distinct vectors you get the more likely you are to cover the entire space. The better your chances to find the hate optimum. How many experiments can you run?

We are limited by the number of fascist hate fora we can find on the internet. I mean, I never tried to count them, but that's like a LOT. If I have to do it right now, probably a few dozen?

Great. So let's max variations over ethnic markers, body types and gender expressions over say 100 Images. what else?

Probably have to correct the vectors scalar for the size of the forum. Shitstorm Strenghs = Eyballs * Hateability.

As a general rule, yes. But we should also track the individual eyeballs if we can.

How about boosting bias? Mh. We should to boost neutrally, no? I guess the bots only boost what comes across their timeline? And follow via some organic, brownian crawl through hate-accounts?

Danger of increased noise due to the boost. You want to optimize on reaching those with the deep hate, the one that is deep enough to show up somewhere, snail mail shit and, most importantly, open their wallets.

Doing what we can. Let's try with one booster-setting and see what we get. Joe had asked his memer friends to study and LARP well known online archetype Nazis. that's the best calibration for our doxxfish botnet we can conjour up at this stage. We can use their accounts for an android army once it gtp3 is ready... (Scene is set in 2016)

After three rounds of optimization, the hate goes viral. Finally. They ended up with a very gay, heavy makeup & full-beard overweight asian persona sharing a mix of gaming, erectyle dysfunction and antisemetism memes. Anyway. The gamers are hot on pursuit, and now it's time for xSusi_99 to get on the defensive. Start putting in real effort, let's go all-in on xSusi!

What kind of games would they make? Using they/them right?

Helen: Safe the swap to neo-pronouns for later. It's a powerful spell.

I mean, we can only do simple stuff that quickly, like point and click adventures... But what would they be about?

Mh, Bronie-BDSM-Impotence?

Don't forget the Lolicon.

I guess we got it. So next step set up a workflow to put out youtube videos... Using Deepfake.

For the doxing, you also need family members phone numbers and real-world addresses. I have some people in Liberia who can play those roles.

But your not targeting an individual, so you need extra personas within the mob. Moles. Need to build a bit of an audience among Gaters. Easy.

Helen to set up texts, Joe to create the videos and post on Gab and Twitter and Youtube and interact.

Helen does the breadcrumbs and the fake following to their Persona. She notices that there is some real following, too, and makes sure to be super ethical in the borderline pedo shit their fake is talking about. Persona offers blowjobs for good reviews - Bonobo Ethics in Games Journalism. Buys youtube followers and likes etc. via the Dark Turk...

Reality Lost sees the gig, good pay for likes and followers, pulls her bots out and gets it done. Clicks on the video. That's some disgusting shit promo... She has doubts how real it is. Sends snarky remark with her "job done" message. And enjoys pushing to gain the extra bonus payments. Perverse joy of agitproping up outrage on this obvious deepfake shit. Sends a hint on how the deepfake could be improved to avoid detection.

It's escalating. Bigly. The persona is sought by the police and invited to speak on a free-speech conference. Agree to go. Need to launch the exit scam NOW.

Crowd Fund for tickets to the event for Gamergaters on a decentral crowdfunding site. Attack squad. Set up different goals, including weapons, bribing hotel employees to let the attackers into the room, drones to follow the target etc.

Reality hired again to push the crowd funding. She rofls. MMORPGs are so much better than reality TV!

They get it all. A million USD. Run it through scramblers, Zcash to Monero and back a few times, finally cash out in Bitcoin and donate it all to Crash Override.

Big reveal of the scam via video screening on the free speech conference. Several Anons in the room, ready to assasinate.


Message from Reality: Whoever you are, that was great cinema. Happy to cooperate again, here my PGP key - sign


Attack 2: Get Gab Sphere to demand declassification of 9/11 documents as defence against FBI investigation from reality TV president.


Alex Johnes Trans Porn Video

Joe: "Who... or what are you?"

Helen: "I'm a future-hacker; I'm trying to get root access to the future. I want to raid its system of thought. You are my agent now."

An he complies.