On the phone, you see a Bitmessage for at Fellowship Ventures LLC at 1201 Third Avenue, Suite 4900 Seatle, WASHINGTON UNITED STATES 98101.

Speed is of the essence. For far too long, we left climate change to the sloth-paced processes of 2nd millenium diplomacy between nation states. By now, their failure is obvious and devastating.

All climate finance institutions conjured up under the Paris Agreement have a ping of months, registration times of years and project realization times of decades. We simply do not have that much time left.

It is time for us, the civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace, to take matters into our own hands.

There is no better case to be made on the power to transform entire economies than Amazon.com  - Reducing transaction costs to pennies, decreasing transaction ping to seconds, and barriers to entry to creating an account and enabling trust between random strangers on the internet. This route has been proven to radically transform any sector of the economy it is applied to. It is time to take the Amazon approach to emission reductions.

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Reality sighs. Her Oracle gig just isn't enough anymore these days to pay for the mutation - she needs some serious extra computation power for her latest models of Karl-Heinz. So why not try AWS.

Below the letter, there are some more scribbled notes.

Birth of a Meme Critter

Birth of a Meme Critter

Jacky is dreaming how he approaches heaven, but the gate is still closed. (series of near-death experiences from Blackmore in his dreams).

Referenz: Laika. When you do experiments at the very borderline of science, like uploading minds, you try with your beloved dog first.

Helen: "We are not starting with the resurrection of Daniel from the dead before, understood?"

Reality just nods at her. "Sure. Whatever you say. Can we start the experiment now?"

Helen already got new baby hamster ready. She sights and tries to transfer Jackies mind into the new baby, using the tech Reality developed for Kalr Heinz - chatbot (incl. 3D Avatar) using her recordings of Karl-Heinz.

She puts him back in his cage and slacks into her office chair. Message from Reality - check out our latest experimental lab entry!

Hellen skims through it - it's a lot of neuro-scientist gibberish... She can't read that shit on this plane, pulls out her pipe and takes a hit.

Those freaks. They connected a general image recognition software to a mouse brain, and when they showed it scenes of cheese the mouse brain got hungry, and when showing it pictures of a cat the mouse brain got scared. Or something like that.

Why exactly do we want to upload people into a pure silicon based form again? That is restricting the number of possible functions. Decentralization means, we need to become part of the machine, become and Extended Intelligence. We become cyborgs, one with the machine, the machine part of our body.

Jacky, it's time to get you uploaded. Hellen calls Reality up, using her most private SIM card.

They spend the next five months feverishly working on Jacky. Hellen in VR, observing and noting down at which points she is irritated.

Jackies body is about to die.

Reality found an article by Charleen. Her thing is neuro stimulation for neuro growth. Experiment with hard-wires.

Hellen buys a pregnant hamster from a very confused kid who accidentally bred 59 of them. She just buys them all, one will be pregnant soon enough.

Charleens paper helps them to grow steer the growth of the brain based on Jacky scans. The Hellen trained EI in Jacky reacts to the sensual inputs extracted from the hamster brain, helps reinforcing behaviours it observes.

Helen corrects some behaviour based on an old diary entry that she had totally forgot. Jacky had run away when he was small, but he came back to her.