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Warning - this is an Exploded Post Novel - See for more info on the concept.

There will be three sections again, makes life easier. Time Episodes with more or less constant technology-ecosystems.

#### Complialtion Error. The author is still thinking in paper. Delete that shit.

We'll end up with someone trying to build a time machine sooner or later anyway, might just as well ignore the existence of time for now. It's hard enough to remain consistent with the few anchor events already recorded in the history books. Which where written before history, because of course.


You ignore the written warning on the note above the closet, saying "full of sceletons" in a cutesi design. There are no actual sceletons to see right here, just a flight of stairs. You climb down.

The stairs open do a door, which leads you out into an open field. A path winds down towards a misty forest. As you start walking, you see a small house with a bench on your right.

Oh here they are! There are a bunch of scelleton carrying links to unfinished work! They are standing around in no particular order.

65 Million Years Ago                                The Hack

             Reality - and Introduction

                                            Border Patrol                                                                                     Brave New COP

Doxxfishing                                                                Letter to Klarperson                     King Coalry


Sources of Inspiration: I was abducted by an alien lifeform