Sources of Inspiration


1 - Out of the Void 

The Beatles Yellow Submarine 

Don't Panic 

A Clinical Guide to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 

Inspirational books are available at or

Inspirational Movies are available at

Inspirational Scientific Papers are available at

You might need a VPN to relocate yourself to a more liberal jurisdiction to access some sources.

2 - The New Normal 


Kurzweil Therapy

And of course, century old democratic traditions 

3 - True Names 

True Names

Sybil Attacks 

Smart Contracts

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract 

Democracy Earth Draft of a Social Smart Contract 

The few people on earth that is full steam trying to build a new nation using decentral technologies. Help them out! 

Tell me who you are 

Decentralized Identity Foundation'

UN Efforts for digital ID








There are a few more listed here 

4 - Foundations of a Hive Mind 

Liquid Democracy 

Democracy Earth Foundation

Hive Commons

Liquid Feeback


Horizon State


Parti Vote




5 - First Blood 

Margaret Mcallister, the sage of monstrous nurses 


The Virtuix Omni

Fascia. Someone told me they are important. 

Serious Games and their medical applications 

6 - Interesting Times 

Games about killing Nazis in America 

7 - Historic Bias Involuntary Racism 

8 - Entertaining Conspiracies 

Gay Frogs 

Appropriate language for non-human souls 

Hardware improving EIs



The Dangers of Addiction to Games 

9 - A Song of Ice Cryonics

The Alaskan wood frogs 

The Esotainment Industrial Complex

Charge-altering releasable transporters (CARTs) for the delivery and release of mRNA in living animals. 

Tons of crap included in auto-updates of closed-sourced operating systems 


10 - Truth on a Beach 

Malka Olders concept of the narrative disorder 

The self-deprivation phenomenon: Competition between appetitive rewards and electrical stimulation of the brain 

11 - A General Theory of Prices 

Pirate Parties

Literature on Universal Basic Income, too much literature to list here. Start at 

My friends at eaternity and a million others who do environmental foodprints.

Swiss pricing of heating oil 

Living Willow Furniture 

Negative Externalities by Cryptokitties 





12 - A Night Out 

Effects of Social Activity on Addiction Risk

13 - Daniel's Little Helper 

Choose Life 

Little personalized helpers 

Robots and Nursing 

My computer never does what I want - only what I tell it to do. 

14 - A Thought Experiment on Totalitarian Property Rights 

Les Miserables 

Nicola and Bart, and the hymn to them by Joan Baez and Ennio Morricone 

A fun story from one of the early readers of this book: When an acquaintance of hers married a Walton, the bride's entire family was requested to sign a promise to never ask a Walton for money. 

That other John 

That other McPhail from 

The Oxfam reports on wealth inequality 

John Locke's Second Treatise of Government 

The concentration of economic power 

15 - The Right to Be Where You Are 

Anti-Brain Drain Policies and their impact on students 

16 - In Friends we Trust 

Revisit sources of chapter 2 and 3. Stupid people licking Incilius Alvarius 

17 - Of Property and Theft

The Right to Digital Privacy

Decentral Wealth Registries for real estate

An old sage!

A fantastic biology professor teaching the mathematics of dynamic systems at university of Zurich, whose name I forgot.

The old rule is called "herd-poisoning", from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Revisited

18 - Travel Preperations

A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

The Future of Clothing and the sources mentioned therein

Fungal Clothing

‘The jump’ in ‘Time of my life’, Dirty Dancing final dance scene, 1987.

Disney's ‘Magic Bench’

19 - Mission Briefings

Jude Milhon


20 - Goodbyes

21 - INTERLUDIUM - How, Who, What and Why

The same old list from chapter 2 and 3. Then also this:

Swiss Voting

SAM, the vote aggregation bot from New Zealand

Meaningful online petitions

22 - Holy Unions

River Dolphins

Polar Babies

Red Pandas

Honey Badgers

23 - Facing the Demon

The Privacy Badger and all his friends out there

Interpolated Rotoscope Effects

This War of Mine

Purdue Pharma, the profiteers behind Fentanyl

My purple sunrise soundtrack while writing this book

Dreaming EIs

Elemiah the Robot counting grains of sand in a desert and stars in the sky

24 - The Interface

The more than 100 years it took the tobacco industry to admit its addictiveness and its sponsorship of fake science

The Sovereign App


Overview Articles (there are many more interfaces)

25 - Of Secrecy and Power

I got bored reading about the technically extremely difficult problem of secure, verifiable and anonymous online voting. Hope you didn't. And I forgot the name of that animated movie featuring cute anti-gravity bunnies? Please tell me if you know!

26 - Octopus Finance 101

Otto the Monster

Corruption in Public Procurement

Results Based Payments

Taiwan's WOW bus route funding


More Unicorns. I'm not sure where they all come from, but they keep showing up!

27 - Of Brains and their Desires

Great-Grandmaster Philipp K. Dick's work on virtual reality and hallucinations and his modern day followers

28 - Of Compromise

2nd millennium politicians doing stupid things to find compromise

Today's legendary esports heros

29 - Proper Wealth

The incredible people in the world of circular economy. Start reading here:


Open Collective


30 - Production Systems

The devils marriage between the makers of Roundup, Agent Orange and Zyclon B.


31 - When The Rain Comes

The misery of fascist game masters

32 - Non-Human Autonomy

Ian Banks Culture Series

Ownerless vehicles

Telepresence Bots

33 - Welcome to the Galaxy

The difference between interesting and happy lives

Tool assisted human play in strategy games


The story of GG

Proxy Hellbat drops

Banelings, dropping and burrowing

34 - The Role Playing Fallacy

My favorite E-sport teacher

My own Masterful Baneling Control

Pool of Radiance and all its successors

The character development system of Skyrim

Attempts to digitalize higher education

Swiss electronic voting attempts

35 - Class Consciousness

Antitrust Rulings of the Past

A filthy rich families home I once visited as a teenager

People who need a secure phone booth at their own office

Events catching up with what is supposed to be Science Fiction faster than I can write

Decentral Social Media

36 - Getting Real

Early Brain Stimulation

Newtonian Physics in Games

Non-Newtonian Physics in Games

The Three Body Problem

Quantum Thief

All the good stuff on here

37 - Powerplay 

Death by Gaming

Slow Thinking,_Fast_and_Slow

The concept of Identity Entrepreneurs inciting collective violence

Corporate Behaviour

38 - Service Industries

Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics

Margo St. James

39 - Private and Public Nudging

Female Operating Systems

The smart staircase blocker at the United Nations City in Copenhagen, which hurts several people every day, and Federico Canu, who helped me interpret its behavior.

Social Citizen Score Systems

40 - Traces 


Imaginary Bunny Friends

41 - Over the Clouds

Security Theater

Hunter, Rest in Peace

Mr. Steadman, may you life forever

Self-destructing electronics

Customer Service in Airlines

42 - Welcome to Singularity Ville

Captain Future Soundtrack

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Never Ending Parties

43 - Holy Chicken

African Innovation

Game's pioneering world-changing technology

My favorite IOT company

Nigerian Storytellers

Smoke free Cookstoves

Our 99.9% similarity on genetic level

44 - Enter the Void

40 Hertz


God's work

The things people do…


45 - Emergency Protocol

Creepy people simulating other people

Creepy people simulating dead people

Creepy gods,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823).jpg

Dying potted plants

46 - Quantum Dreams

The interplanetary file system

The utilization of hot water by great authors

47 - Healing Body and Mind

Stephen la Berges work on Lucid Dreaming

Waking Life

The Science of Sleep

The most common human disease

The technologies developed for life-saving treatments

48 - Reconnecting 

The Soul of Answering Machines

Using Plants as Oracles

49 - INTERLUDIUM II - Practice

The Bunny and its carrot in Vernor Vinges Rainbows End


Nullius in Verba

Malka Olders 'Information'

The latest memetic reproduction technology: Copy Pasta!

Discussions on in-game political-economic theory by Extra Creditz

Social Science in Massive Multiplayer Games

Unreadable theoretical academic work on voting like this one


Karl-Heinz Häsliprinz, who is a strange attractor in the memesphere himself

The memesphere

50 - What A Day in a Life

Millions of SciFi narratives featuring humans manually racing vehicles when they are under time pressure in a world with advanced AI.


Cosplayers at esports events

Birthday parties at arts schools.

51 - A Taxonomy of Souls

The mind-spinning literature on transcendence and soul copies.

Costly Signaling

Social Justice and Language

52 - Circensis

Fan Made E-Sport Music

Some stats on esports

Locker room talk in my esports community.

The LGBTQ & A-Community

53 - Reunion


Decentral Internet of Things

Hildegard Knef's Guten Tag mein Zuhause

Pink Nanuq

Timo, our former trout-smoking policeman housemate.

54 - Legal Guardians

Zainab, the adoptee

Adoption Literature

Oma Morkie

Oma Morkies creator and his dignity

The cyborg Neil Harbisson, who first introduced me to the concept of humans with tails

Comic Contracts

VR for the elderly

Snails in 13th century English nobility literature

Politically abused frogs

Milou, the red cat and most aggressive cuddler ever.

55 - Legal Guardians

Zainab, the adoptee

Adoption Literature

Oma Morkie

Oma Morkies creator and his dignity

The cyborg Neil Harbisson, who first introduced me to the concept of humans with tails

Comic Contracts

VR for the elderly

Snails in 13th century English nobility literature

Politically abused frogs

Milou, the red cat and most aggressive cuddler ever.

56 - Special Trait Zones



Kissing Robots with Love+

Ania Malinowska's work on kissing robots

Harvey Milk

The famous interracial TV kiss, when that was still SciFi

The Best Aunties

Weird stuff that my friends enjoy

57 - Skin in the Game


Skin in the Street


58 - Privacy and the Videosphere


Obama on finding a compromise between security and privacy in encryption

Predicting judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights: a Natural Language Processing perspective

Alice and Bob

59 - Curation of Information

Flat Earth Theories

My favorite Flat Earth

Doughnut Earth theories

Sentences with ill-defined truth value

Fact checkers

Pants on fire

Investigative Journalists

Mechanical Turks

Nerd Alert @ The Young Turks

The David Packman Show

Kyle and his fact-based talk

Old-school user financed media like

Media finance infrastructure

60 - Intellectual Theft

Memetic agents getting paid without theft

The German Public Broadcast Fees

Fallen Heroes for the Cause

Decentral Cloud Stuff useful for pirates

61 - Pacific Dreams

Vogons and their poetry

The history of IP abominations

An oath for open science



The Pluto Network

The peer review functions implemented by

That other London

The Flying Spaghetti Monster


The guest list at the coronation

The place where Willi found his editor and sound production team

Big Beautiful Women

Assassin's creeds camera movements

Follow Camera Technology for BBC

A Swiss newspaper article about raves, glued onto a 20-year old handmade box.

62 - Molecular Freedom

The sound at the end of St. Peppers Album

The psychedelics Beatles

The war on drugs

The scientific rationality behind the war on drugs

Raoul, Ash and Satya, with whom a fried egg and a monster smoothie was consumed once upon a time at midnight on new year's eve 

Material sources used for the creation of this chapter

Annalee Newitz Autonomous and the reflections on IP in there

Prizes for doing great stuff

Unicorn Poop (not entirely sure why this is here, but it is. Deal with it.)

63 - Propaganda of the Deed

Climate change

Assassin's markets

Anonymous money

Propaganda of the deed

Guardian research project on assassinated environmentalists

Oil companies actions around the world

64 - The Complex

The Military Industrial Complex

That other complex

Conspiracy theories turned real

Wizo - Rote Armee Fraktion

65 - Another Night Out

Alien Jon and his Fiber Flies

Knight Rider Fanclubs

Abductive Reasoning

Peruvian Retro Beatles Culture

Memetic Inheritance Theory

66 - Law Enforcement

Sexual Violence Online in 1993

Community Policing

False-Flag Neonazi Attacks

Rape in GTA 5

Sexual Harassment in VR

Swedish Neo Nazis

67 - The Next Plateau

Walk Like Thunder


The kind of scenarios that climate scientists can't publish because they are too "alarmist", but will talk about over a drink.

A Magical Waterfall near Palmas, Tocantins

68 - People They Come Together


69 - People they fall apart

People coming together and falling apart

Greenpeace Boycotts


The arms race between fake and fake detection AIs

The clock from ‘Hugo’ Movie

Les géants

Jean Tinguely Sculptures

Boxes and Projections

People who sell socks with unicorn patterns

70 - Desert Plants

Self-Replicating Production Systems

Solar Utilization of the Sahara with old tech

OK Go's Music Videos


71 - The Fall

The Poodle's Core

Space Dancers

Invisible Boats